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In-vitro Meat is a Rapidly growing Industry:

Recent advances in tissue engineering have made it possible to “grow” synthetic meat using single animal cells. After further years of testing and refinement, a wide variety of meat products are now available in what has now become a rapidly expanding market.

In-vitro meat has many advantages. Being just a cluster of cultivated cells, it is produced without cruelty or harming animals. It is surprisingly healthy and pure whilst keeping its original taste, texture and appearance of traditional meat. What is perhaps most important about in-vitro meat is that it requires far less water and energy to be produced, which greatly lessens the impact on the environment.

Like GM crops, political and psychological hurdles delayed its introduction to consumers. The emerging food crisis, however, along with endorsements from animal welfare groups, gave the impetus to the development of it. It is now a mainstream product in many countries around the world, even though it is still years away from completely replacing traditional meat.



By Chris Stevenson